Our Mission

At GBSG, our mission is to replace painful finger-prick tests with our Saliva Glucose Biosensor.

More than 114 million people in China are living with diabetes – that’s one quarter of people with diabetes globally. Through innovative technology, our goal is to free people living with diabetes in China from painful and invasive blood monitoring devices, giving them a better quality of life.

Glucose Biosensor Systems (Greater China) Holdings, Inc. (GBSG) is a biosensor diagnostic technology company focused on commercializing the Saliva Glucose Biosensor in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

GBSG is a proud member of The iQ Group Global, a group of companies committed to creating the medicines of the future.  What starts here changes the world.


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The Saliva Glucose Biosensor

Eliminating the need for finger-prick blood testing

The Saliva Glucose Biosensor is the first non-invasive, saliva-based glucose test for diabetes management that measures glucose in saliva, not blood.

Through the regulatory process we intend to demonstrate that the saliva glucose test can be used as a point of care self-test, indicated for the management of diabetes, as non-adjunctive to blood glucose testing for diabetes treatment decisions.

Place the Saliva Glucose Biosensor in contact with saliva.
With the biosensor nearby, the digital app will display glucose levels, flagging the results that need attention.
The app provides real-time comparisons with historical data, and sends data to electronic medical record or caregiver.

For illustrative purposes only and has yet to receive regulatory approval in any jurisdiction.

Behind the Technology

Meet the team at the
Centre for Organic Electronics behind the biosensor technology.

Diabetes – A Global Epidemic

629 million people with diabetes worldwide by 2045
1 in 10 adults will have diabetes in 2045
China has ¼ of world’s diabetes population

IDF Diabetes Atlas 2017